From a parsnip to a pear...

Whether it's Winter or Summer we'll have the full compliment of fresh produce. 


From a brussel sprout to a babycorn...

We've hand picked the best growers nationally and internationally.


From a leek to a lotus root...

Like our customers, we've traveled the globe, so if they know about it, we have it.


Our Products

From a passion fruit to a potato, from asparagus to zucchini, Sam Dennigan and Company handles the full range of fresh produce. We pride ourselves in the quality and freshness of our food. This quality and freshness is a manifestation of the time invested by the Company in seeking out and creating strong links with top-quality producers, and working together as partners to deliver the highest quality. We also recognise that many of our customers want to buy food grown or produced locally, which reflects local tastes and traditions.