From a parsnip to a pear...

Whether it's Winter or Summer we'll have the full compliment of fresh produce. 


From a brussel sprout to a babycorn...

We've hand picked the best growers nationally and internationally.


From a leek to a lotus root...

Like our customers, we've traveled the globe, so if they know about it, we have it.


Fresh Produce

From a passion fruit to a potato, from asparagus to zucchini, Sam Dennigan and Company handles the full range of fresh produce. We pride ourselves in the quality and freshness of our food. This quality and freshness is a manifestation of the time invested by the Company in seeking out and creating strong links with top-quality producers, and working together as partners to deliver the highest quality.

Grown Locally

We also recognise that many of our customers want to buy food grown or produced locally, which reflects local tastes and traditions.

"Buy Fresh Today" is our goal.

Customer Knowledge

Your custom is the lifeblood of Sam Dennigan and Company. We place the highest priority on understanding and valuing the needs of your unique business and will strive to ensure that everyone working with us feels the same. Our services are personally tailored to match your expectations, but also maintain the flexibility required to adapt organically to your growing business.


We are close to our suppliers, many of whom are exclusive producers for Sam Dennigan and Company, both in Ireland and abroad. Our own agronomy team work closely with all of our partners to ensure that only produce of the highest quality reaches the table. The continuing growth of our business network, which now spans every continent and boasts international expertise in the shipping of fresh produce, is testament both to the strength of our brand and the satisfaction of our customers.

Supply Chain

We have spent more than 30 years building our supply chain. We can stand over our 24-hour field-to-shelf promise, and pride ourselves on our stock management and procurement standards. These assurances are possible because of the excellent team we have in Sam Dennigan and Company.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring the highest quality is of vital importance to our business, and so there are two distinct Quality Departments for fresh produce at Sam Dennigan and Company. Quality is diligently managed at Goods Inwards, Production, Storage, Picking, Dispatch, and also at retail level. We are working constantly with our customers to improve the quality of our product at every stage, from farm to fork.


At Sam Dennigan and Company, we understand that above all it is hardworking and loyal individuals who make things happen. Each of our employees has undergone specialised training for the task at hand. Close involvement from the top down ensures that we are all familiar with every aspect of the business as well as our own specializations. Our focus is on building successful, long-term customer relationships.