Our Company

Sam Dennigan and Company originated in 1976 when our founder, Samuel Laurence Dennigan, began trading in ware and seed potatoes from Oldtown in north County Dublin. Three generations of a family-run business have seen us grow to become a thriving international company of 350 people, all motivated to provide the best possible service to our customers.

While today we may handle the widest possible range of fresh produce from around the globe, we remain fully committed to the core values that got us here - tradition, loyalty and hands-on experience at every level of the business. We believe these are the qualities that can’t be compromised, even as we continue to adapt to a changing world and move forward together.

Every department in Sam Dennigan and Company works to ensure our customers get their 5 a day. The quality and range of our produce, the reliability of our delivery, the calibre of our wholesale - these are the qualities that got us here. More importantly, these are the characteristics that have helped us cultivate loyal and long-term relationships with our suppliers and our customers around the world. We’ll leave it to them to say they are 5 times as happy with our natural, fluid, and professional approach to business. We are busy working to maintain that trust. The complete range of services Sam Dennigan and Company provide are tailored to each customer, because that level of loyalty, that level of detail, is what you require from us.