Sam Dennigan Fresh Produce

From a passion fruit to a potato, from asparagus to zucchini, Sam Dennigan and Company handles the full range of fresh produce. We pride ourselves in the quality and freshness of our food.


Welcome to Sam Dennigan and Company

Every element of Sam Dennigan and Company works to ensure our customers get their 5 a day. The quality and range of our produce, the reliability of our delivery, the calibre of our wholesale, these are the things that got us here. More importantly, these are the things that have helped us cultivate loyal and long-term relationships with our suppliers, our teams and our clients around the world.

We’ll leave it to them to say they are 5 times as happy with our natural, fluid, and professional approach to business; we’re busy working to maintain that trust. The complete range of services Sam Dennigan and Company provide are tailored to each customer, because that level of loyalty and detail is what you need from us. So why not call us today and get your 5 a day the better way?