From a parsnip to a pear...

Whether it's Winter or Summer we'll have the full compliment of fresh produce. 


From a brussel sprout to a babycorn...

We've hand picked the best growers nationally and internationally.


From a leek to a lotus root...

Like our customers, we've traveled the globe, so if they know about it, we have it.


Green Giant Fresh

Where can you find our products? 

Our range of products are available in the following stores throughout Ireland:

  • Spar
  • Eurospar
  • Mace
  • XL
  • Vivo
  • Londis
  • SuperValu

Green Giant Fresh is an organization of leading European fresh produce companies with the common objective of providing premium quality fresh vegetables to the retail and foodservice trade under the Green Giant brand. 

Sam Dennigan and Company is a family business founded in 1976 and is recognized as one of Europe's most progressive and innovative market leaders in the Fresh Produce sector.

The company sources, ships, distributes and markets produce from around the world to Irish, UK, and European markets. With a team of dedicated professionals, Sam Dennigan and Company continues to establish strong global partnerships with suppliers and customers. The company is ideally placed to meet the ever-changing demands in this dynamic sector and is committed to doing so in a way that provides the highest standard of food safety is a sustainable, ethical, manner.

Crunchable Bite Sized Cucumbers

Baby cucumbers are perfect for a snack on-the-go. Can be tossed in a salad or thrown into a sandwich. Great for dipping also. You won’t find another cucumber like it!

Mighty Crisp Gem Hearts

Crispy and Light, these Gem Hearts are excellent as a sandwich filler and or tossed in a delicious fresh salad. 

Crisp and Light Cosmo Lettuce

As crunchy and as tasty as iceberg lettuce with the firmness and leafy texture of cos romaine. Cosmo is perfect for healthy wraps and as a sandwich alternative. It’s also a great ingredient for salads.

Seedless Sweet Snack Peppers

The perfect guilt free snack. Easy preparation, no mess, no seeds. An ideal addition to a school lunch-box. Adds a lovely crunch to a fresh salad.

Sweet Crunch Baby Broccoli

A great source of Vitamin B and fibre. Tastes delicious raw in a salad with bacon pieces and feta cheese. Also can be steamed and served with a hearty meal as part of your ‘5-a-day’.

Crunchy Quick Celery Sticks

Great for a snack on the run. Crispy and crunchy and delicious with cream cheese or hummus. Ideal after a workout or served as finger food.

Juicy Sweet Pear Tomatoes

Really sweet, really tasty pear tomatoes. Great for pasta sauces or as a  pizza topping. Can be eaten raw and as a snack also. Tastier and firmer  than cherry tomatoes.